Small Business Startup Loans

SAFE-BIDCO provides a number of loan programs to help new small businesses open their doors. We directly offer SBA loans and we work with local lenders to guarantee loans though the California Loan Guarantee program.

These loan programs can be accessed by new small businesses throughout California wishing to purchase real estate and/or equipment and those looking for working capital.

In addition to these more traditional programs, SAFE-BIDCO also offers other, more targeted loan programs. For northern California residents, we work with the U.S. Department of Agriculture to offer Rural loans, which have similarities to other loan programs but are restricted to businesses in certain counties. Also in northern California, we have a Native American-centered program which can help non-gaming related businesses start and/or expand.

Finally, we have a statewide “microloan” program that offers loans of up to $25,000. These loans are prefect for entrepreneurs looking to expand their home business, for example.

At SAFE-BIDCO, we’re dedicated to helping California’s small businesses and the communities they serve grow and prosper and we will do everything we can to tailor a loan program that is right for you.


Low on cash but you want to start a small business... check this out! 💡 SAFE-BIDCO |

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