At SAFE-BIDCO, we strive to not only provide the best access to both the federal SBA loan guaranty program and the California state loan guarantee program, we also like to share pertinent information about small business banking and exciting and interesting stories about our past and current partners and clients that show how important those programs are to the inital and on-going success of so many businesses around the state.

Success Story: Metro Hotel, Petaluma, California

2015_04The whole thing was kind of a fluke. Now it’s the most eclectic – and highly regarded – hotel in Petaluma. Marie Saint-Clair was driving in downtown Petaluma and saw a building for sale. A real estate professional, Saint-Clair saw through its emptiness and immediately decided she had to buy it.
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March 2015

2015_03In This Issue
1. Success Story: Ceiba Public Schools, Watsonville, California
2. Success Story: Bodkin Wines, Healdsburg, California
3. SAFE-BIDCO to participate in National Community Reinvestment Coalition conference
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Holiday Recipes from the SAFE-BIDCO team

2014_12Changing pace from our usual serious financial issue discussions, this month’s newsletter is offering a tiny trove of fun, easy, interesting, and truly tasty recipes that have sprung from the minds of the SAFE-BIDCO family.
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Small Business Saturday: SAFE-BIDCO encourages you to support local businesses on Saturday, November 29, Thanksgiving weekend

2014_11_2We all know about Black Friday. It may not technically be a national holiday – like Thanksgiving – but it certainly has become a national obsession.
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SAFE-BIDCO honors State Loan Guarantee Program Loan Committee volunteer members

2014_10_2Recently the SAFE-BIDCO Board of Directors and staff took time out of their busy schedules to honor the nearly two dozen volunteer members of the State Loan Guarantee Program Loan Committee.
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State Creates Major Tax Incentives for California’s Small Businesses

2014_10The folks over at the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development – more commonly known by its nickname GO-BIZ – are at it again and are ready to give you a state tax credit through the California Competes program.
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Meet Linda Smith, SAFE-BIDCO’s newest board member

Linda SmithLinda Smith – nurse, businesswoman, and educator – is now the newest SAFE-BIDCO board member. She was a successful registered nurse and had risen to director of quality assurance for Grand Care, in which she was responsible for twelve of their twenty five hospitals in California.
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Success Story: Calistoga Olive Oil Company, Calistoga, California

July 2014The numbers are numbers most any small business would envy: one site to more than three dozen, one employee (besides founder Michael Kaiser) to several hundred, four customers to thousands, all in just 16 years.
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Success Story: People’s Care, Growth Through Compassion

May 2014The numbers are numbers most any small business would envy: one site to more than three dozen, one employee (besides founder Michael Kaiser) to several hundred, four customers to thousands, all in just 16 years.
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I’ve Got a Krush on You

April 2014Ah, the food truck – adored by millions, feared (probably unnecessarily so) by restaurant owners, and able to provide fascinating cuisine to the masses anywhere in town. Davin Vculek and Joe Blanton, owners of Sacramento-based Krush Burger had worked in the regular restaurant industry for years and actually met through the industry.
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RUST Loan Program Update

February 2014SAFE-BIDCO is excited to announce its continuing involvement in the low-cost RUST program in 2014! RUST stands for Replacement, Removal, [and/or Upgrading] of Underground Storage Tanks – has helped retrofit hundreds of antiquated service stations around the State since its inception in 1989.
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Success Story: Soma Ergonomics Silicon Valley, CA

February 2014Roughly (very roughly) translated, that means “I think, therefore I need a better chair.” And that is what Silicon Valley-based Soma Ergonomics has been providing thousands of people for more than two decades: better – much better – chairs.
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Success Story: Bodkin Wines Bodkin Wines co-founders Andy Chambers and Chris Christensen started the winery on a...

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