SBA Loans

SBA (Guarantied) Loans

SBA loans provide a “bridge” over a financial gap created by a firm’s start, growth, redirection or temporary setback. SAFE-BIDCO is a direct lender for Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs. The SBA loan cannot provide 100% of the needed financing.

Who Can Apply?

Any California small business that meets SBA eligibility standards.

What Can Loan Funds Be Used For?

Collateral required on all loans. Normally, the business assets will be adequate security for a loan to an established, profitable firm seeking funds to expand or diversify. Principals must guaranty the loan.

What Loan Security Is Required?

Loans can be used to start or purchase a business, acquire property or other business assets, or to provide working capital.

Real Estate Purchase $750,000 25 years Prime + 2.75%
Equipment Purchase $750,000 10 years Prime + 2.75%
Working Capital $300,000 7 years Prime + 2.75%
*adjusted monthly

* Note: Loans under $50,000 are set at prime + 3.75%.

Terms and conditions subject to change


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