Commercial Underwriting and Documentation Services

SAFE-BIDCO is a fully qualified loan underwriter and can offer this service to other lenders at reasonable fees.

SAFE-BIDCO commercial underwriting services include:

  • Create loan application package(s)
  • Evaluate loan applications
  • Provide opinion on applicant’s financial eligibility
  • Determine adequacy of collateral
  • Prepare underwriting memorandum

Commercial Loan Document Services may include:

  • Establishing procedures for the disbursement of funds
  • Prepare loan documents

SAFE-BIDCO can determine the credit worthiness of the borrowers and their ability to repay the loan. Going beyond the typical due diligence, SAFE-BIDCO’s underwriting services involves community-based intelligence gathering and looks deeply into the applicant’s credit, character, and commitment toward developing a successful business.

At SAFE-BIDCO, we’re dedicated to helping California’s small businesses and the communities they serve grow and prosper.



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