Equipment Financing

Many small businesses, poised on the edge of new and exciting growth, find themselves held back by a simple lack of having enough of the right physical equipment to do the job they know they can do.

From trucks to computers to ovens to tools – practically any piece of physical equipment you can think of – SAFE-BIDCO can help you finance it.

We offer multiple loan programs for equipment purchase, including both SBA loans and California Loan Guarantee program packages. Additionally, in northern California, residents of rural areas may qualify for a separate dedicated loan fund to assist economic growth. Native Americans may also apply for loans for non-gaming businesses on and off tribal land.

If the equipment to be purchased is relatively small, we can also arrange “microloans” of up to $25,000 throughout California.

At SAFE-BIDCO, we’re dedicated to helping California’s small businesses and the communities they serve grow and prosper and we will do everything we can to tailor a loan program that is right for you.


Low on cash but you want to start a small business... check this out! 💡 SAFE-BIDCO |

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