For more than 30 years, SAFE-BIDCO has been helping California’s small businesses – and the communities they call home – begin, grow, and prosper.

We are a non-traditional financing source for small businesses statewide, offering multiple loan programs (SBA, state guarantee, geographically-specific programs, etc.) that are specifically tailored for each individual business.

Created by the legislature in 1981, SAFE-BIDCO is a non-deposit lender offering programs to enhance economic development, foster job creation, community growth, and industrial diversification.

We are here to help California small businesses through loan guarantees, direct loans, mentoring programs, and other services. If you are starting a new business, expanding an existing business or need assistance securing capital and lines-of-credit, please contact us – our business development consultants will do everything they can to help you.



Low on cash but you want to start a small business... check this out! 💡 SAFE-BIDCO | safe-bidco.com... fb.me/xny3AlK3

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